Leather Care

Our bags are made from soft, natural leathers that are carefully selected for their luxurious feel and high quality. The untreated, naked leather that we use may show some small signs of wear over time but we believe this adds to the bag’s beauty and natural finish.

Because of the natural, raw nature of our leathers there may be some slight variance in shade and texture.

We know you’ll want to love and treasure your Oushka bag, so here’s a few care instructions that we recommend you follow to keep your bag looking its best;

  • Please don’t store your bag in a tightly packed space or squashed underneath something heavy. This will result in damage to the shape of your bag and to the leather.
  • We suggest you use the dust bag provided when you’re not using your bag, this will help to prevent scratches and marks.
  • Please don’t store your bag upside down or with the handles being pushed in the wrong direction as this can cause permanent damage to the way they sit.
  • If you aren’t using your Oushka bag, we recommend you stuff it with tissue or newspaper to help it retain its shape.
  • Try to keep your bag away from oil based products, such as make up. Oily marks are incredibly difficult to remove.
  • If your bag gets wet, remove any excess water as soon as possible. Then stuff it and let it dry naturally.
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